Looe Term Schedule

The dates listed below are the Sing Rock Terms running every Wednesday evenings at the Looe Family Hub 7pm – 8pm.

Spring 2022Summer 2022Autumn 2022 
March 16th (Weds)May 25thAugust 31st 
March 18th (Friday)June 22ndSeptember 7th    
March 23rd (Weds)June 29thSeptember 14th 
March 25th (Friday)July 6thSeptember 23rd (Friday) due to hall having another booking…on weds  
March 30th (Weds)July 13thSeptember 28th 
**April 6th NO PRACTICE THIS WEEK**July 22nd (Friday) due to hall having another booking…on wedsOctober 5th 
April 13th (Weds)July 23rd (Sat) Gig @ Hillcrest Care Home 1030amOctober 12th
April 15th (Friday)July 27th 
April 20th (Weds) August 3rd 
April 22nd (Friday)   
April 27th (Weds)    
April 29th (Friday)