Corporate Team Building Sessions

We organise and run Sing Rock sessions in your workplace. A great way to bring colleagues together promoting communication, confidence and linking departments in your business.

Here’s what the employees of Royde & Tucker said about the team building workshops.

Here’s what the management of Royde & Tucker said about the team building workshops.


Why your company could benefit from a Sing Rock team building session…

We were asked to organise a team building session with the employees of Hitchin based business Royde & Tucker in the run up to Christmas.

Over a 4 week period we took around 20 members of staff from different departments and brought them together to sing a medley of popular Christmas songs for a video production which will act as their electronic Christmas card.

Even though they all worked in the same company many of the workers taking part had never crossed paths before and have now got to know each other and their roles in the company.

The sessions were great fun and everyone gained confidence, as singing in front of other people is out of most people’s comfort zone.

Below is the completed video and shows how well people can work together with the right kind of musical direction.

We can provide a one-off team-building sessions or regular weekly lunchtime or evening sessions either at your workplace or offsite, energising your staff with the experience of singing to a live band.

Sing Rock is a unique, fun way to bring your work colleagues together, relieving stress and tension by releasing loads of good endorphins into the body.

It’s no secret that a happy workplace is a productive workplace so why not contact us to find out how we can make a big difference to your valuable members of staff.

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“This Christmas we decided to do something a little different to sending our customers Xmas cards and set about producing a Xmas video and the feedback from our customers and suppliers has been fantastic, but more importantly the effect it has had on staff morale and the feedback from all the staff involved has been amazing.As a HR Manager I’ve been involved in both organising and taking part in a large number of team building sessions, most of which have had very little if any lasting effect and whilst we didn’t set out for this to be a team building exercise it certainly has had the type of effect you would want to achieve, bringing together a very diverse group of people and breaking down those invisible barriers.The success of this was due in no small part to the professionalism and enthusiasm of Martin and Samantha from Sing Rock who came along (at very short notice I should add) and managed to bring together a bunch of very hesitant non-singers many of whom rarely had contact with each other and created a group of people who worked together to produce something to be proud of. From a personal point of view it was challenging, exhilarating and most importantly fun! And the general feedback has been ‘when can we do something like this again’?”

Ruth Hughes
HR Manager – Royde & Tucker

‘Taking part in making the Christmas video organized by my company and rehearsing the songs with Sing Rock, brought me a lot of joy and it was the first time since I moved to UK when I felt that I made part of something outside working or being a mom. Music can bring people together and it’s a wonderful way to express your feelings.’

Persida Das
Logistics Co-ordinator – Royde & Tucker