“1st time I went to rehearsals I was kind of dragged along really, I was thinking, lets just go to the pub….when I walked in the studio….I REALLY wanted to go to the pub! I was so nervous and shy….anyway I went along with it and decided I would give it a real go and try my best…so I did….we sang “use somebody” …well one hour later and WOW, what a feeling of happiness, elation, achievement…I felt 10 foot tall….OMG , WHAT A FEELING!

Wind forward 6 weeks of fun and the last rehearsal was with the live band…first song and wow the band started playing and the hairs on the back of my neck stood up and I got goose bumps…again I felt amazing, fulfilled, 12 foot tall!

The actual performance was excellent and my family were there too, amazing, an experience I will never forget!”

Peter Jode

“Someone said come along and sing with our rock group. They claimed it would be good even for people, like me, who can’t sing a note. I was not convinced but hooked by the opportunity to tick something off of my ‘bucket list’ I believed to be unachievable. So I turned up absolutely sure it would be a one off experience.

However, despite not being able to sing (I really can’t), rehearsal nights proved to be such enjoyable events and I was captivated by the hard work of the organisers and found myself included in an eclectic group of young and old, male and female, singers and enthusiastic first timers. It worked.

We performed our songs on practice nights and even I could detect the improvement the group was making. Throughout all the rehearsal nights the group proved to be a mix of fantastic, sharing, people, it was them that made it so brilliant. The songs started to sound good and by the time we reached week eight and sang with the full band we were a group.

The final ‘gig’ was the culmination of eight weeks good company and plain old fun. The Timebridge was a perfect venue for us to perform and for family and friends to witness our achievements. What a night.

None of this would have been possible without the hard work undertaken by Martin and Samantha for all the arrangements and encouragement and of course the company and enthusiasm of my fellow group, thanks all.”

Steve Wilson

“I have recently joined SING ROCK.

It’s a lovely experience to sing with a group; I don’t have a good voice but together we sound great. The members are very welcoming and friendly.

It would be lovely to see more members and even if you don’t think you can sing, you will surprise yourself!”

Marion Shambrook

“Sing Rock is amazing & I look forward to it every week. I love singing and it’s given me the opportunity to sing with a group of great people. It’s fun and has helped me socialise with a new group of people. I’d recommend giving it a go!”

Stephanie Vernage

“I got persuaded to come & give Sing Rock a try and now I look forward to it every week. I love the feeling you get singing great songs with great people and Samantha & Martin put so much effort into the running of it you cannot help but leave with a smile on your face!”

Brenda Parsons

“Joining the Rock group has been a brilliant experience. My partner & I love it. We have a really fun time every week.”

Kelly Stevens

“What a brilliant idea! We all love to sing but not in a church group. No disrespect but this is much better fun, and we go to the pub afterwards. Couldn’t be a better evening.”

Kath Watson

“If you love music you’ll love Sing Rock. You soon pick up the words to the songs and we all have a laugh too. Sam & Martin are easy going & fun and then there’s the gig at the end of the term. Nerve racking but really exciting!”

Christine Lawrence

“I thoroughly enjoyed my first ‘rock group’ experience, much to my surprise. You do wonder whether you can actually sing and in particularly in tune outside the realms of the shower! A tonic for anyone wishing to blow away cobwebs and protract some volume in a positive manner.”

Shelagh F – “Novice Tra-la-lah”

“I enjoy coming every week. It’s one hour of escapeism & fun. Meeting new people and singing your heart out. Thanks”

Michelle Edwards

“I wanted to fill a part of something and this was a brilliant choice. I felt welcome & appreicated and our first gig was awesome. Song selection is fun & a good choice range wise for all abilities. Cheers :)”

Samantha Rose

“I feel invigorated after the Thursday Sing Rock. Martin & Samantha make it so much fun and I love working towards a gig at the end of each term.”

Suzy Mayer

“I love going to Sing Rock after a day at work it really lifts the spirits. Samantha & Martin run really relaxed & fun rehearsals with no pressure to get things spot on, just to look like you are enjoying yourself & sing loud! The gigs at the end of each term give you a real buzz and sense of having achieved something you might have never pictured yourself doing before!”

Jo Dennis

“Sing Rock is a great way to spend a Thursday night. Great songs, great laughs and great people. It’s the best way to wind down after a busy day at work. I can’t help myself from coming back for more!”

Blossom Coreira

“Love it! Always love to sing, has a feel good quality when singing with the group. Always enjoy the buzz and enjoy sharing the experience with the group.”


“Wow. That was a term! It flew past. Sing rock is great fun and very relaxed. You don’t have to have a great voice (They havent thrown me out yet) and you won’t be expected to solo or audition. Samantha, Martyn and the gang are really nice and inviting. If you enjoy classic rock with some new indie and others thrown in and want an enjoyable Thursday Night that leaves you happy and buzzing after a hard week of work you should give it a go…”

Andrew Legetter

“I absoultely love it! Great time every week, lots of fun & with great people!”

Natalie Pell

“One word: EXCELLENT!”

Darren Attwood

“A fun & enjoyable evening as always with Sing Rock. Well done Sam & Martin always friendly & inspirational”

Sue Bowey