Sing Rock Update

Another great session last night. Mustang Sally is really coming together and all parts are now available online to download.

The members area is designed to help you in between rehearsals to really learn your parts so each week when you come back you will feel more confident with the arrangement and the words.

Below is a guide for you on how best to explore and enjoy the members area:

1. Download your part: If you are middle for example download this section only for a few weeks. Once you are happy with the arrangement and layout of this:

2. Download the full version, and sing your part over the top.

This will help you get use to hearing the other harmonies which can be quite tricky if you are not use to doing it. This is really important as it will train your ears to get use to hearing the variations in the song and get you familiar with singing your section only in a large group.

3. LEARN YOUR WORDS!!! The members area has all the arrangements so download them again and make notes if you need too.

We always joke about this BUT if you can learn your words or key sections and prompts it will make you sing louder as you can focus all your energy into the vocals and you will feel more confident. Confidence is the key with singing and once you learn your words it will all fall into place. 🙂

4. Most of you will have smart phones or a laptop or computer, so take advantage of the downloads and stick them on a CD or onto your ipod so when you are doing things like going to the gym, walking the dog…..etc you can listen to them and sing along!

When you listen to a song on the radio, you don’t have the words in front of you?? And after a while you know the lyrics….! So listening to the songs is a great way to learn the words and your parts…so give it a go.

If you are unsure on how to do this then contact us and we will help you out. 🙂

5. Most importantly have fun, and try and bring your personalities into your singing. Remember if you are enjoying it your audience are going to LOVE it.

If you cannot remember your login details please use the link below to take your to your areas:

Have a great Easter and see you all next week.


Samantha & Martin

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