Sing Rock General Tips for Singing in a Group

Below are a few tips on how to improve the look of our group and how to sing with more confidence:
1. Learn your words – We can’t stress enough how important this is and you will feel better if that’s one less thing to think about.

2. Posture – Stand tall, shoulders relaxed and head held high!

3. Breathe from your diaphragm i.e your lower chest and not your upper chest.

4. Breath Control: We do the counting exercise to help you slowly release breath from your diaphragm at a controlled pace so just practice this and try and remember why we are doing it.

5.. Voice Projection: Open your mouth as wide as you can & put as much effort into your singing as possible, even if you are unsure of the words, it’s better to make a sound at the right pitch than do nothing at all.

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